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Phuket Island is 49 kilometers (34 miles) from north to south, and 21 kilometers (16 miles) from east to west. Phuket, on the west coast is jagged by a chain of little mountains and valleys from north to south. It's also where are located the most popular and beautiful beaches of the island. the undulating area represents around 70% of the island. A few peaks are located in the north/east of Phuket, it's the place to discover some exotic waterfalls in the evergreen rain forest. The other 30% of the island is quite flat land located for the main part in the central and eastern places of Phuket Island.

Merging from the Andaman Sea on the south/west part of Thailand, around 400 km by road to the border with Myanmar (Burma) and 800 km by road to the border with Malaysia, Phuket extends the continent from which it is connected by 2 bridges: the previous one is the Thepkasattri Bridge and the older one is the Sarrazin Bridge. On the west, Phuket is at the extreme part of the Golfe of Bengal and on the east, it shelters the amazing Phang Nga Bay from the Andaman Sea. Some movies have been filmed in Phang Nga and Phuket's neighbourhood: James Bond - "the man with the golden gun", "The Beach" (in Phi Phi Islands and in the On On Hotel (located on Phang Nga Road in Phuket Town - click to see the map), "Cutthroat Island" also in Phang Nga Bay.

To see a map of Phuket Island, its link to the continent (Phang Nga Province), the Phang Nga Bay and the Coast of Krabi click here.


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