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Phuket Island can be a great source of inspiration for painters. Oil painting, water or acrylic color: the magnificent surroundings of this southern part of Thailand are a perfect model for artist brushes. Phuket itself is not the only source of inspiration on these page, but its atmosphere certainly gives energy to artists' creativity.

A non-exhaustive listing is displayed on this page to help you to find the contact of painters and art galleries from Phuket. If your gallery is located in Phuket, you just have to contact us to be listed on this page or to have some informations about your own page on

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Ya Chelama Painting
Ya Chelama

Original Oil Painting

In Gallery - Khao Lak

Original Oil Painting


Acrylic on canvas



Thai-girls & Asian women


Phuket Island painters and art galleries listing: Click here!


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