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My name is Stephan Audiger.

I have been working in Phuket since 1996. My initial career and subsequent flirtation with photography eventually led me to take pictures promoting the island on an international and professional scale.

As a result, nowadays photography is my passion.

I simply can't resist capturing the sights, sites and the sometime indescribable but nevertheless photographic opportunities that this island offers daily. There is so much to document.

On this site you’ll see a lot of these Asian ‘irregularities’ – and discover my ever-growing fascination with all things Phuketian. Location maps and galleries will grow in the future, as well as short descriptions and location maps. I hope you'll enjoy the trip...

Please note that all pictures are copyrighted.

Phuket Beaches

Phuket Beaches

Phuket’s main attraction is its beaches. The most famous beaches are on Phuket's west coast. Patong, Kata, Karon are the most touristic ones, but other beaches are also appealing.

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Phuket Attractions

Phuket Attractions

With the aquarium, the zoo, lots of landmarks, and day-and-night entertainment, there's always something to see with family and friends. Come and have a look at some of Phuket's best attractions.

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Phuket Secret Beaches

Phuket's Secret Beaches

On an island, secrets are never kept for long... but still, some of the smaller beaches displayed on this page are pretty difficult to find and immensely rewarding once you get there. Introducing… a map for each of Phuket's secret beaches.

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Thai Islands

Thai Islands

Phuket, a province in its own right, is an island surrounded by islands. Okay, maybe the neighbouring islands offer the clichéd idea of the typical tropical idyll but I can live with that… Check out images of turquoise waters, white-powder sand beaches, and coconut tree photo galleries. You know what? It’s not as bad as it seems, living in a postcard-photo environment.

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Thai Islands

Environmental Conservation in Phuket & Around

Environmental conservation of natural wonders in and around Phuket should be a priority if we want to keep them longer. Tourism has given Phuket and South Thailand a huge source of revenue for the last 20 years and everyone in Phuket has benefited from it. The area’s infrastructure and public facilities such as roads and hospitals have improved a lot, thanks to visitors from abroad.

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Phuket Island

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